School Registration & New School Superintendent!

As you walk through Peredo in late July, you will notice a lone desk placed in the courtyard in front of the church. Often, you will find Principal Sorel of Emmanuel Christian School sitting at it with a parent enrolling their child(ren) in school.

Classes start on September 7th, and it is never too early to get a coveted spot in the school. Parents have to provide proof of vaccinations, birth certificate, and 300 goudes, which is the equivalent of $5 US, to complete the enrollment. It is an exciting time as some of our parents enroll their children in school for the very first time!

School Registration_Jul16

Also, you might catch a glimpse this summer of a new staff member for our schools. We have a new administrator for all of our Emmanuel Christian Schools, Toto Desirae, Jr., who just started working for the mission this summer.

ToTo Jr. & Ro_Jul16

On July 6, Junior and RoRo held a meeting with the principals of our schools in Port-au-Prince, Drouillard, Peredo, Grand Bois, Seguin, and Kapotyier to encourage our staff, answer questions, and make sure we had everything in place for starting school in September.

Teacher Meeting_Jul16

Junior knows the importance of our schools as he attended and graduated from our school in Port-au-Prince which his dad, Toto Sr., helped open and lead with RoRo until his passing in December 2014.

We are excited about Junior’s leadership for the schools and the assistance he will give to RoRo and Eline. As Junior said, “The greatest thing I learned from my dad was hard work and integrity.” We are sure that those qualities will help every child in our schools and our teachers have a great year of learning and serving the Lord!

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