Health Care for Every Child

It’s hard to learn when you don’t feel well. And that’s one reason why it’s so important that our Every Child sponsorships include providing health care for our students. Our caring and compassionate staff at Peredo Community Hospital takes care of student health care needs.

When you become an Every Child sponsor, you receive a private, monthly update with stories from our schools and students. These two stories below are ones we shared with sponsors earlier this year. They tell about some of the health needs of our students and how they are being cared for through PCH.

Marye is a pleasant and petite 8-year-old who goes to school in Peredo. Her mom came to school at pick-up time recently so that she could take her daughter across campus to Peredo Community Hospital after school. The palm of Marye’s right hand had been red, swollen, and painful for a few days.Mar16_Marye-mom

Dr. Jackie welcomed them into his office and listened to Marye’s mom explain what was wrong. Marye hopped up onto the exam table, bravely stretching out her hand for Dr. Jackie to examine. She didn’t cry as he gently poked her hand. Wanting to share the case with Dr. Gay, our pediatrician, the two doctors consulted and cleaned her wound. Marye was given a prescription for pain medicine, instructions for wound care, and asked to come back for a follow-up appointment in 15 days.

We are grateful for our doctors who give such compassionate care to their patients!


Rene is 12-years-old and in the 1st grade at Emmanuel Christian School in Kapotyer. He lives with his family in nearby Fond John Noel. One night he started feeling badly, but went to school the next day anyway. An HCO team and RoRo were visiting the school that day. RoRo and Principal Josue noticed he was feeling really badly and decided to bring him to PCH in Peredo for an exam.


When he arrived at PCH, the nurse measured Rene, weighed him, and checked him in as a patient. Dr. Gay examined him and found he was suffering from inflammation due to testicular distortion. Rene was able to get an anti-inflammatory medicine and was to be checked again in a few days. Depending on how he responds to the meds, the doctors will re-evaluate if Rene will need surgery.

We are grateful for our Every Child sponsors who make doctor visits like this possible! 


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