School Profile: Seguin

Emmanuel Christian School of Seguin is located a couple of hours up the mountain from Peredo. The thick, hot, humid feeling on campus, just a few hundred feet above sea level, changes to crisp, clear, mountain air the closer you get to Seguin. Temperatures here can even feel cool, especially on foggy, rainy days. The bright, colorful school building sits atop a steep hill, easily recognizable from a distance.



During our 2015-2016 school year, ECS of Seguin educated 412 students in three Preschool classes and grades 1-6. Our largest class was 76 students in the 1st grade. Many of our students here come from farming families and those who sell items in the local market. Ask a handful of students their favorite day of the week and you’ll likely hear either Sunday (going to church) or Monday (going to school) as answers.

Students like to attend Emmanuel Christian Church of Seguin, a vibrant and active church. Together with ECC Kapotyer, they birthed the church at Grand Bois where we have another school. And when many people were walking over an hour to get to services from nearby Chota, a village not accessible by vehicle, ECC Seguin planted a church there also.

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HCO is able to operate ECC Seguin and our other 5 schools, providing education and Bible classes to these students because of the support we receive from our Every Child sponsors. Our 2016-2017 school year will begin on Wednesday, September 7. Sponsors are needed to help ensure we can continue to educate, equip, empower and encourage these precious children.

Every Child sponsors receive monthly updates from our schools and students. During the school year, these updates usually include a profile of a student from Seguin. It’s a great way to put names and faces to the children who are receiving a quality education, a Biblical worldview, preventive health care, and proper nutrition.

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