“This is our hospital.”

Jeanise is 71-years-old and lives in Savane du Bois, near the Peredo beach. All of the sudden, she began experiencing a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, including head, stomach and all-over body aches. Then, she lost her appetite. She wasted no time to find out what was going on. Her son brought her to Peredo Community Hospital for a doctor visit the day after her symptoms began.

Why did they choose PCH? Jeanise and her son have come to PCH with other family members. “They give good service. This is our hospital,” says Jeanise.

Jeanise_waiting area

After waiting with the other patients, Dr. Jackie was able to examine Jeanise and determine what was troubling her. He ran the needed tests, checking her blood sugar, hemoglobin, blood pressure, and other vitals.

The good news was it could all be relieved by over-the-counter meds: Tylenol, vitamins, and reflux meds. As in all medical practices, some cases are dramatic and serious. Others are routine and relief is easy to achieve.

We are thankful our pharmacy was stocked with standard OTC medicines to help patients like Jeanise and her family. We are thankful for our Give Health sponsors who provide these doctor visits, tests, and medicines that deliver hope! You can give health and hope like this by becoming a Give Health sponsor today!