Three Weddings in Seguin

Usually in February each year, Emmanuel Christian Church of Seguin holds a large celebration weekend that includes multiple weddings on Saturday and a Feast of the Harvest on Sunday.

On the Feast day, everyone brings the first fruits of their gardens to the church to be distributed to those in the community who are less fortunate. This year, the church was packed to overflowing, but the celebration was dampened due to the poor harvest, the results of Hurricane Matthew damage. We sent $4,000 of the Hurricane Matthew relief funds to Seguin for the purchase of carrot, cabbage, and onion seeds so the farmers can replant their crops.


On the Saturday before the normal Feast, there is usually a large wedding celebration for couples who want to get married. RoRo tells of this grand day and how the grooms ride into the ceremony on horses. The preacher (RoRo) is given a white horse to ride. One year, RoRo married over 20 couples! This year, three couples were married on this special day. Aren’t the brides beautiful? Let’s all pray for their marriages to be strong and God-honoring as they begin life together!