What Do We Need?

At the end of April, I spent about four hours in the Port-au-Prince airport parking lot waiting on some late-arriving team members for our Vision Trip. As we stood in the shade, one of the pastors on the trip looked straight at RoRo and asked, “What are the top three things you need?”

A week or so later, in a lunch conversation with a short-termer, I was asked, “What does the ministry of HCO need?” It was wonderful to hear RoRo share what we need with the pastor in the parking lot and be able to expand upon his words in sharing with the team member.

I have spent the last few weeks thinking about those two questions and realizing that many of you may not know exactly what all we need as a ministry. So, I thought it was time to share. I will do my best to paraphrase RoRo’s words.


1 – Prayer
We need people to pray for the work of the ministry. We know we can’t do anything without God working in us and through us. Through prayer, we have seen Him move in tremendous ways. It sounds like a very simple thing, but having God’s people pray for the work is our most important need.

Would you commit to fasting and praying one day a month for the work of Haitian Christian Outreach?

Email us at [email protected] and tell us what day of the month you are fasting and praying. We would like to cover every day of the month with at least one person fasting and praying for the work. Who will be the first to commit?


2 – Ambassadors
We need ambassadors for the work of Haitian Christian Outreach. We need this to be YOUR mission to share the work with your church, your friends – with as many people as possible. We need you to be on fire for the work in Haiti.

We will equip and encourage you to share the work and open doors for RoRo and Cameron to build relationships with more people to accelerate and expand the work of the mission.

Help us connect with others! Help us by hosting a child sponsorship Sunday at your church or a inviting us to share with your small group, ladies ministry, or Rotary Club. If you are ready to help us in this way, contact Cameron ([email protected] or 765-461-5340).


3 – Finances
We need God’s people to share financially with the mission. The needs of the mission keep increasing, and we need increased financial partnerships. Our one-time project gifts have been an amazing and wonderful blessing. Many of you already help monthly. And we are so grateful.

We have taken some needed steps on faith that God’s people will help provide:

  • Did you know we gave our teachers a needed pay increase this year and are spending $2,000 more per month to help our kids get a great education?
  • Did you know we still need 670 or so monthly sponsors to cover the needs of our school children?
  • Did you know that we hired three new nurses and are sending $2,000 more per month to Haiti to cover their salaries and other healthcare needs?

Would you step up and help provide for these ongoing, monthly needs? You can signup for child sponsorship here or make a monthly commitment to our General Fund or Health Care fund here.


Of course, RoRo and I could spend hours talking about our needs in Haiti, but most importantly we are praying that each of you will be the answer for what we need most!

Cameron Mayhill
US Director