What’s Happening with Chickens?

In early April, God opened another door for the mission to purchase more chickens and start back down the poultry path of ministry. Many of you will remember that we have had an ongoing issue with bird disease that had killed all of the chickens. We were excited for this opportunity as we already had the funds in hand, provided by Kendi’s Cows, to get the chicken project restarted!

We purchased 300 laying hens and garnered the help of some poultry experts to provide oversight and better training for our team in Peredo so we don’t have a repeat situation. The chickens are doing very well! In fact, they are producing over 300 eggs a day.

We are feeding eggs to our school kids and plan to increase their nutrition by providing them at least one egg each day. Also, the chickens have been producing enough that we have sold them at market and will feed them to our short-term teams. Fresh eggs in Peredo are so delicious!

Once the chickens stop producing, they will be sold to local families at a lower cost to save them money or for them to gain a profit off of reselling them at market. The mission then will be able to reinvest in purchasing additional chickens.

At this time, we will not be giving families chickens to have their own “farm.” We want to walk this path for awhile and re-evaluate the investment in local families as we make progress toward re-establishing a healthy chicken flock. The poultry experts have made some significant changes that are working and keeping this project moving forward.

We are really excited about all that has happened and the possibility of starting a second large chicken coup in Peredo!