2023 Third Quarter Haiti Impact Update: 

We want to provide those who want to stay updated with our ministry the opportunity to see how your partnership with Haitian Christian Outreach is doing something in Haiti that will last: 

In August, RoRo and Eline planned on returning home. Unfortunately, we had to cancel their return to Haiti for a second time this year. The increase in insecurity caused flights to Jacmel to be shut down or scarce and the borders to the Dominican Republic (air, land, and sea) to be closed. This decision was heartbreaking, but we know God’s timing is good. He is never too early, never too late and we are trusting in His timing! Please continue to lift RoRo and Eline up in prayer as their hearts are aching to be back on the ground in the communities they live and serve! For the time being, they are serving from afar, holding daily meetings via phone, FaceTime, and Zoom with those in leadership roles for the ministry. 

IMPACT in The Emmanuel Christian Churches

Our Emmanuel Christian Church Pastors are winning souls for Christ. Evangelism is the backbone of everything we do here at Haitian Christian Outreach. So far this year, we have had over 80 individuals give their lives to Christ! Our pastors are equipping leaders in the church to go out and spread the Gospel. 

The Emmanuel Christian Church of Port-Au-Prince is holding revivals contrary to the increased gang activity on Delmas 24 in Port-au-Prince, where the Emmanuel Christian Church/school is located. The church has only closed once in the third quarter due to insecurity. Here is the Emmanuel Christian Church of Port-au-Prince Facebook page, where they regularly post their live services. 

Our Pastors of the Peredo, Kapotyer, Seguin, and Grand Bois churches have been in charge of the meal distributions started in September. The pastors have been doing an excellent job at distributing these meals to the individuals in the communities. In the third quarter, we provided 300 meal kits that provided food for almost a week.


  • Please pray for our pastors and the congregation of their church. Lift them up to the Lord and ask for safety over them and their communities. Pray that they clothe themselves with the Armor of God each day they arise! Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in the congregation’s lives, providing them with wisdom and counsel and guiding their daily steps. 
  • Consider walking alongside our pastors with a recurring donation of $30, $40, or $50 per month so they can support their families as they are actively leading others to Christ! 

IMPACT in The Emmanuel Christian Schools: 

September 11 was the start of our students’ 2023-2024 school year! Education has been a lifeline during such significant challenges in Haiti. School is an excellent opportunity to keep the vulnerable children of our communities off the streets and out of reach of the gangs. With back-to-school season upon us, we want to shine a light on our classroom sponsorship program at Haitian Christian Outreach. We have 65 classrooms, and ONLY 30% are currently sponsored. That means 70% of our classrooms still need YOUR help. 

When you choose to “take a seat” for $30.00 per month, this is a highly impactful way to do something in Haiti that will last through the next generation of Kingdom leaders. We thank you for your continuous support of our students over the years.


  • Please Pray for our Emmanuel Christian School teachers and students. Pray that the Lord would watch over and protect them. Pray that their spirits remain high and that their love to teach the children of Haiti grows! 
  • Do something in Haiti that will last through the next generation of Kingdom leaders! Will you take a seat in our classroom? Become a classroom sponsor for only $30.00 per month by taking a seat in one of our classrooms today! Click HERE to learn more! 

IMPACT at The Peredo Community Hospital: 

The third quarter of 2023 has continued to present health struggles for Haiti and the healthcare system. As of the beginning of August, the number of recorded cases totaled. The number of confirmed cases totaled 3,696. These numbers are estimated to be highly underreported due to lack of access to healthcare and lack of available testing. Another area of continued struggle within the country is food insecurity. All areas of Haiti are now at phase 3 or 4 for food insecurity. This means food insecurity is at a crisis level. 

The Peredo Community Hospital is not immune to these struggles. In the past few months, PCH has seen the lowest numbers for the year. Continuing gang violence, inflation, and malnutrition make it difficult for patients to reach healthcare facilities. However, we will not quit. PCH remains open to any patients despite their ability to pay. We have finished seven rooms of the second-floor recovery area and are working on four offices. We are also working with different organizations and creating new partnerships to improve the hospital. If you would like to be part of the solution and find out how to help, please visit the Get Involved page of our website to find out more. 


  • Pray that those seeking care at the Peredo Community Hospital will receive it by the Grace of God! Pray for the right supplies to be found where many have looked previously, only to find none. Pray for the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our medical team, administrators, support staff, and their families. 
  • “Trees of Life,” fruit trees for new mothers. So far this year, 56 babies have been born at the hospital. During a time of chronic malnutrition and inflation so high that people cannot afford food at the local market, we would like to send our new moms home with help. Planting a fruit tree can be an additional source of income for these families and assist in the country’s reforestation efforts. Tree roots soak up water and hold soil in place to help reduce flooding and landslides. Would you consider a recurring monthly donation of $10 or $20 per month toward this effort?
  • Lift up our hospital team with a recurring donation of $30, $40, or $50 monthly toward their salaries. 
  • Do you work in a healthcare facility? Are you part of a medical team? Are there supplies or equipment your facility no longer uses? Want to know how those can assist the Peredo Community Hospital? Please email us at [email protected]; we will gladly share this information with you!

IMPACT in Community Development: 

During this urgent time, to feed the communities we serve, we have connected with local farmers and organizations. Because of food inflation (53% across the country), it is challenging for people to pay for what little food is available at such a high price. While the supply cost we can purchase is much more than we ever expected, our communities need help. Our goal is to make at least one monthly purchase that is enough food for the Emmanuel Christian Churches to feed 300 families a week! Praise the Lord! We are so grateful and encouraged by those who have said YES and are helping to make this happen and help feed those in need.


  • Pray for the leaders of our communities and those who are leaders within the organizations we are meeting with. Pray that we can see the path God is guiding us to through the doors He is opening. And when He closes doors, pray that we remember this is for His glory!
  • If you haven’t already, please consider making a *RECURRING MONTHLY GIFT* to our disaster relief fund. This is one way you can be a lifeline to those on the ground! CLICK HERE to give to the disaster relief fund. 


Because of how quickly things have progressed over the past year, we have created a blog labeled CURRENT HAPPENINGS on our website for your reference HERE. Each item shared is a link to a news source responding to the situation, and the blog is updated regularly. We want you to be able to easily find news regarding the country and people we all care so deeply for. 

Please use this information to specifically pray for country leaders, the members of the gangs, and all the innocent caught in the midst. Sharing these links with your network of friends and family via email or social media is highly encouraged! We also insist on contacting us regarding any questions you may have through [email protected]

We can not thank you enough for your continuous encouragement, support, prayers, and generosity! Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. Thank you for choosing to be a part of doing something in Haiti that will last!