Catching the Vision to Bless Others in Haiti

Hospitals aren’t just built, especially in Haiti. There’s planning, people, finances, and miracles that have to take place in order for facilities like Peredo Community Hospital to come into reality.

Planning for Peredo Community Hospital began years ago, if not decades. Ground broke in 2012 and today many of us are brought to tears just thinking about how God has used this building and team of 40 doctors, nurses, and administrative staff to bring healing and clarity to thousands of patients in SE Haiti. A true miracle of God!

But the planning, people, finances, and miracles continue. Building the building is just the beginning. Each day PCH serves hundreds of men, women, and children, young and old who seek help and refuge. The Gospel is shared and patients are prayed over. There’s healing, compassion, and peace inside the walls of PCH. And it’s only through incredible partnerships that allow the work to continue. Partners like Dr. Kristy Ritchie from Genesis Hospital and many of her colleagues in Zanesville, OH.

In 2018, Dr. Ritchie came to Peredo to serve on a mobile medical team with Peredo Community Hospital. The group travelled to remote locations serving hundreds of patients in a matter of days. These men, women, and children were thrilled to have access to quality and compassionate care.

After Dr. Ritchie served with Haitian Christian Outreach in 2018, she continued to partner with the ministry supporting the hospital in various ways. Through catching the vision of HCO to transform a culture for Christ, Dr. Ritchie and her team at Genesis Hospital continue to bless the work in Haiti. When the hospital’s labor and delivery department recently upgraded their bedside baby cribs, Dr. Ritchie and the director of nursing on the labor and delivery floor, Madison West, immediately thought of Peredo Community Hospital and the hundreds of moms that birth their babies there each year. Genesis Hospital gifted Peredo Community Hospital with 30 bedside baby cribs!

Our ministry partners at FAME then worked out the logistical details to pick up the beds and get them to Indianapolis to go out on the next shipping container to Haiti. And because PCH will not be using all 30 of the beds, FAME has already made plans for the remainder to be used in other missions such as the Congo!

God truly works out the details providing resources and people needed to complete the work. We are so grateful to work alongside partners who catch the vision so others can be blessed!

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Parter with HCO to support the work in Haiti:

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April 15, 2021


Carol Remington

April 19, 2021

I thank God and praise His holy name for Genesis Hospital in Zanesville catching the vision and responding to the needs at Peredo Community Hospital. What a wonderful partnership! God can and continues to make those “connections” through His people that we would never be able to make so that His will is done on earth as it is in heaven.