Educating the Future of Haiti

When you were in school did you ever question whether you would reach the third grade? What about the sixth grade? These are very real thoughts for parents and families of school-aged children in Haiti. Sadly, 30% of children attending primary school will not reach the 3rd grade and 60% of students will abandon school before the 6th grade for reasons not limited to the inability of the family to pay school fees but also the need to help the family earn money.

Education in Haiti is not like education in America. In a country where the average person makes only $2.00 a day, the expense of school is cost-prohibitive for many families and an entire generation of Haiti’s youth is at risk. The lack of financial resources does not mean education in Haiti is not valued. In fact, the opposite is true. Education in Haiti is highly valued. Children wear their school uniform with pride. But families have a difficult decision to make when there’s a choice between food and education.

At Haitian Christian Outreach, we believe educated children are the future of Haiti. They will lead, parent, pastor, and teach the next generation. Educating children is a critical step in doing something in Haiti that will last. To meet this educational need, Haitian Christian Outreach has established 6 Emmanuel Christian Schools which employ more than 140 teachers and staff and educate more than 1,600 students.

This has been made possible through sacrificial gifts given through Child Sponsorship. A child sponsor lovingly provides quality education, spiritual training, nutrition, and health care. For $20 a month, you can create opportunities for a child, help ease the financial burden for a family, and help build up the next generation in Haiti. Sponsors will be connected with a specific child and may select the school and gender of their child.

The need is great! Right now we need 750 more sponsors to start the 2020/2021 school year off strong. Will you partner with Haitian Christian Outreach to see that children in Haiti not only reach the third and sixth grade but go far beyond their goals and dreams. Help us change the statics! The impact made through child sponsorship builds up the next generation of believers in Haiti. Join us in doing something in Haiti that will last, become a Child Sponsor today!

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