Emmanuel Christian School of Kapotyer

Kapotyer is a small community, a short distance up the mountain from our main campus in Peredo. Emmanuel Christian School of Kapotyer was established in 2009 with students meeting in the church building for lessons. Because of its close proximity to the Peredo campus, short-term teams often get to visit students in Kapotyer.

One short-term team from Lindside Christian Church in West Virginia saw a need for more classroom space on their visit, went home to raise the funds, and came back to help build the new classroom space in early 2015. Students have been blessed by the additional classroom space and the school has grown to include 117 students and 17 teachers.

Emmanuel Christian School has seen changes and growth since 2009 but one thing that has remained steady is the schools’ Principal Josue Deronnette. Principal Deronnette began teaching at the school in 2009 and after six years of teaching became the principal. He grew up in Kapotyer and said he loves his community, which is why he has been a part of the school for more than ten years. “ I love my community and want to help the community with my knowledge. I want to gain more knowledge and more capacity to help.”

Emmanuel Christian School is blessed by Principal Deronnette’s passion and dedication. Through teams, child sponsors, and faithful teachers and staff, education is making a difference in the lives of ECS students by providing more opportunities for a brighter future.

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