Emmanuel Christian Schools: Photo Blog

Whether you are a child sponsor, short-term trip participant, or someone who just loves kids, you’ll love this look at some of our students and school locations!

Emmanuel Christian School, Peredo
Located on our main campus, the students at ECS Peredo are used to a lot of visitors. They love to play games and soccer at recess or make crafts with teams. These students have grown up watching Peredo Community Hospital and Surgical Center being built, so they are seeing first hand what it’s like to be a doctor or a nurse. And when Principal Sorel (red shirt) comes to class, everyone is all ears!

Emmanuel Christian School, Kapotyer
Kapotyer is a small community just up the mountain about “20 minutes” from Peredo. Our students here have benefitted from the generosity of short-term team partners who saw a need for more classroom space, went home to raise the funds, and came back to help build the new space. In the photos below, the students were gathered for an assembly, and in the last photo, they are praying to end the school day.

Emmanuel Christian School, Seguin
Further up the mountain, you’ll find one of our larger schools in Seguin. This school is situated on the side of the mountain, painted brightly as a beacon for all who pass. The courtyard is noisy and busy during recess and between classes. Inside, our teachers impart learning, whether letters and numbers to the preschoolers or math and geography to the middle school students.

Emmanuel Christian School, Grand Bois
The HCO school with the highest elevation is found in Grand Bois. Most students and teachers have a long, uphill walk to get to school each day. Students and teachers alike enjoy classroom visits from RoRo and teams when they can come. The entire school gathers outside at the end of the day for prayer and the lowering of the Haitian flag.