Hurricane Matthew: How You Can Help

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At about 2:30 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, October 2, rain began to fall in Peredo, Haiti. It was the front end of a multi-day siege of wind, rain, and destruction from Hurricane Matthew that was unleashed on southeastern Haiti.

Gratefully, we’ve been able to communicate frequently with RoRo so far and have been posting updates and photos from him on our Facebook page. Please keep checking it for the most recent updates.

How to Help

In our worst-case scenario world, we first want to be sure we don’t lose sight of the fact that we serve the God of the universe who is omniscient, all powerful, and abounding in love. Let’s claim this truth as we walk like Jesus – together – through this storm!


Let’s focus our human desire to DO into a spiritual desire to PRAY. The most impactful thing you can do – and sometimes it may not feel like enough, but please trust that it is the very best thing you can do – is to intercede for Haiti, our friends, our ministry, the damage done by this storm, and the relief efforts we are coordinating. Please boldly pray with us!

  • Pray that the joy of the Lord will be our strength!
  • Pray that God will meet needs we don’t even know about as we mobilize relief.
  • Pray God will meet needs we can’t possibly meet with our own strength and resources.
  • Pray that HCO will be the hands and feet of Jesus to all who need it.
  • Pray for RoRo and Eline’s safety and strength and wisdom as God uses them to lead HCO through this storm.
  • Pray for Cameron and Jennifer as they work in the US to continue to gather support (financial and spiritual) for the work in Haiti.


Let’s be the answer to our prayers through generous giving. As Ro and our team are able to get out into the communities and assess needs, people will be arriving at our Peredo campus looking for help and food. Meanwhile, prices for basic necessities and fuel will rise in country. All of this will take additional funds. We want to be able to meet the needs as they arise.

As we respond to on-the-ground needs in an immediate and powerful way, please support these efforts. Communicate with others how they can help the people we love and the work that can be done.

Gifts given to our Hurricane Relief fund will empower and equip HCO to be the hands and feet of Jesus, meeting relief needs as they arise and continuing to do something for Haiti that will last in the days following this disaster.

Give to Hurricane Relief Now

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