“It is a very good hospital where they take care of their patients.”

Bertrand is from Corail Sault, a tiny fishing village near Marigot which is about 4 km southwest of Peredo. He’d had abdominal and gastric pain for so long he couldn’t remember when it started. At 56-years-old, it’s just something he had learned to deal with. Once his hands started changing color, though, he became really concerned.
It was about this time that Bertrand remembered some conversations he’d had with his friends. They had told him about Peredo Community Hospital. They said, “It is a very good hospital where they take care of their patients.” His concern was great enough, he knew it was finally time to see a doctor.
Bertrand_dr. visit
When he got to PCH, Dr. Jackie examined him and discovered the sources of his pain. Our pharmacy dispensed medicine, and he was glad to receive it. Dr. Jackie referred Bertrand to a hospital over an hour away where hernia surgery can be done to relieve that pain.
We join Bertrand in gratitude that he doesn’t have to live with the abdominal and gastric pain anymore. And we are thankful for our Give Health partners that provide doctor visits, tests, and medicines for patients like Bertrand. We are looking forward to the day when our surgical space is open and we don’t have to send patients to far-off hospitals that may or may not be able to fully meet our patients’ needs!
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