Just One More

Our mission at Haitian Christian Outreach is to do something in Haiti that will last. That which will last is the Gospel! Taking the message of Christ to children, families, patients, villages, cities, and towns is our purpose. RoRo and Eline began the ministry of Haitian Christian Outreach with a church plant in Port-au-Prince back in 1984, which grew to more churches, schools, a fully staffed hospital, and numerous community outreach projects all of which impacts the lives of families and communities throughout Haiti.

This kind of impact doesn’t come easily, however. There have been tough days, tough months, tough years. Yet, RoRo, Eline, and HCO continue to press on and move forward because that is what is needed. Haiti needs the Gospel  and although it may seem like a daunting task the work continues. Churches will continue to be planted and pastors raised up, children will continue to be educated and fed both spiritually and physically, the doors of the hospital will remain open serving patients as they come for hope and healing, and we will continue to reach out to communities throughout Haiti with the message of God’s Love and Saving Grace! Each person we come in contact with is a child of God and deserves to hear the message of God’s Love. And if the work of HCO can add one more to the Kingdom, then all those difficult seasons are worth it.

On one of the last short term trips to Peredo before the pandemic closed all travel, a team member wrote about her experience visiting Haiti and working with HCO for the first time saying:

“My first time in Haiti with Haitian Christian Outreach was a completely humbling experience. I didn’t realize how poverty-stricken the Haitian people were. Then to see what HCO was doing was so amazing and so eye-opening. The few days I spent with HCO, doing whatever they needed at the time, really changed my heart and mind. How can we help and make a difference when EVERYONE needs help? It’s an overwhelming thought. ‘Just one more’ is what Pastor RoRo told us and praise God for that level of faith and motivation to keep working and pushing to help people in such desperate need. Thank you, HCO for a truly amazing experience!!” -Janis

“Just one more” as RoRo says, is to reach as many people as possible with the great message of God’s love and hope of eternal life. Emmanuel Christian Churches may not be meeting right now but that has not stopped the Gospel message from being shared. The Gospel is shared through our pastors encouraging their congregations, through our school children sharing bible lessons with their families, through our teachers showing their trust in God during a difficult time in their communities, and through the staff, nurses, and doctors at PCH helping patients with compassion and love.

Parter with HCO to support the work in Haiti:

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June 24, 2020

Are you able to keep paying all the pastors every month?


June 26, 2020

Yes! We have been very fortunate to be able to continue to do so!