Kapotyer Medical Outreach Clinic

In mid-April, a small group of church leaders from Ohio and Indiana partnered with Peredo Community Hospital staff to conduct a one-day clinic at Emmanuel Christian Church of Kapotyer.

Setting up pharmacy Eline patient intake

Dr. Cherubim and the team helped evaluate patients, dispensed medicine, prayed with patients, and played with the children that attended the medical outreach brigade.

Dr. Cherubin examines patient

In total, 52 patients were treated and given free medicine. There were cases referred to Peredo Community Hospital for further testing and evaluation. We praise God for this team and the medicine from Christian Aid Ministries that made this day possible.

Happy patient

People waiting

Brad with kids



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May 18, 2016

Awesome, sure wish I could have been there to assist in the clinic!!! I love that the hands of Christ are being extended through His people to reach and treat people in need! I love that prayer is included with treatment! May God continue to bless the people of Peredo and Kapoytier!