Meeting Hurricane Relief Needs

Meeting Hurricane Relief Needs

HCO will be posting Hurricane Relief needs and how they were met on this page. Please check back often for updates.

Tuesday, October 18
Over 100 families received food kits, including rice, beans, oil, matches, and a Luci solar light in Peredo. More kits were prepared for Seguin and Grand Bois distributions.

Monday, October 17
Food kits were assembled for distribution in Peredo. Davima, some of our staff, and some of the team worked on preparing to pour the foundation for Davima and Simone’s new house.

Saturday, October 15
Another $3,000 of the Hurricane Relief funds were taken to Haiti to meet needs: food kits for Grand Bois, banana tree replacements for those who have lost all of their banana trees, and some of the materials for rebuilding Davima and Simone’s house.

Tuesday, October 11
RoRo and Cameron shared several ways HCO will respond to Hurricane Relief needs in this blog post: Hurricane Matthew Response.

Thursday, October 6
Today, we sent $1,000 of the Hurricane Relief funds collected so far to RoRo for the first 100 food kits. These will be purchased, assembled, and distributed by our team.

Wednesday, October 5
We provided food & shelter for 30 people staying on our campus. They have been displaced by the storm, either having lost or damaged homes and lost possessions. They are hungry and in need of encouragement.

Ro and Eline have calculated that – with current prices – $1,000 US will allow them to prepare 100 food kits with rice, beans and vegetable oil. Each kit will feed a family. This is an urgent need.

12:30 p.m. – Tuesday, October 4
As soon as the rain and wind will allow RoRo, Eline and our team to go out into the community, they will begin assessing needs. Ro said, “It’s going to be bad. As soon as the wind and rain stop people will be coming to us for help and for food. Thank you for your prayers. We are still in danger. The storm is still on top of Haiti. We don’t know the full extent of damage until we can get out to the people.”