Pastor Jacqueline’s Ordination

From revivals to the evangelistic outreaches, Pastor Jacquelin Jean Baptiste has been at the forefront of many spiritual victories in Peredo, Haiti. Originally from near Cap Haitian, Pastor Jacquelin started his training with Christianville and completed his formal studies at a small Bible institute in Jacmel just over an 1 hour away from the mission campus in Peredo. In 2012, he started pastoring Emmanuel Christian Church of Peredo.

As we have visited over the years, I have seen him become a married man and the father of two wonderful little children. It has been exciting to see his love for the church and the mission grow over the years as well. I have heard him share with teams about the need for baptism and the need for the church in Haiti to be transformed.

Pastor Jacquelin says, “If you want to serve Jesus, you must take up your cross. So, even if you are sick, even if you don’t have money, even if you don’t have shoes.You must know you have Jesus. I know that I have Jesus which means I have all things.”

Recently, we celebrated as Pastor RoRo Eustache and the elders of the church in Peredo ordained Pastor Jacquelin into ministry on Sunday, August 13, 2017. He has been commissioned by God and the church to be a proclaimer of the Word of God. We know that God will continue to use him to do good things for the Kingdom!

We will continue praying for Pastor Jacqueline, his family, his ministry, and his community! Would you join us in asking God to bless the words of his mouth and the work of his hands? If you’d like, use these prayer prompts to guide your prayer time for him!

To God be the glory!
Cameron Mayhill
US Director