Piti Piti Zwazo Fè Nich

Every year our short-term teams receive an HCO t-shirt designed with a Creole phrase. Teams wear these during the week of their trip in Haiti as a silent witness to God’s goodness and the hope we have. It’s also a way teams can communicate with our Haitian friends in their own language even if they don’t speak a word of Creole. And, the shirts usually spark some conversation in the States, allowing teams to share about their trip, experiences, and faith.

This year, RoRo’s theme for the shirts is a Haitian proverb:

Piti Piti Zwazo Fè Nich
With time, everything is possible.

The literal translation of the phrase says, “Little by little the bird makes its nest.” This Haitian proverb means with time everything is possible. Little by little God has been using RoRo, Eline, and HCO to do something for Haiti that will last. It didn’t happen overnight and much work has gone into the ministry but God has been faithful and continues to use His children to do a work that will glorify Him!

God has greatly blessed the work of Haitian Christian Outreach even before the first church was planted or the first school was constructed. It all began with a calling on RoRo’s life that would lead him to the States for bible education and ministry training. From there the Lord used RoRo and Eline to boldly proclaim the Gospel message throughout Haiti. Today HCO serves thousands of our Haitian brothers and sisters in various ways, always showing and sharing the love of Christ. Throughout Peredo Community Hospital, Emmanuel Christian Schools, Emmanuel Christian Churches, and the many communities in which we serve, the name of Jesus is proclaimed.

RoRo says, “When I see where we are today, after a humble beginning and what God has done through Haitian Christian Outreach, we can conclude that with God nothing is impossible, though it may take time.”

Enjoy this look back at past T-shirt designs!

2019 Team Shirt: Vwazinaj se fanmi (Neighborhood is family.)

2018 Team Shirt: Lom di san fe, Bondye fe san di (People say things they don’t do. God does things without saying.)

2017 Team Shirt: Bondye Pi Fo (God is greater)

2016 Team Shirt: Lespwa fe viv (Hope brings life)