Pouring the Roof, Part 2

“It is finished!”

RoRo texted these words to Cameron at the end of a very long Monday, March 27. In all, 60 Haitians and 10 Americans spent over 10 hours pouring the second section of the 8,500 sq. ft. roof on Phase II of Peredo Community Hospital.

After several delays, including Hurricane Matthew last October, and increased inflation, we launched into 2017 with the hopes and expectation that God would help us finish this step of the hospital project as soon as possible. As the first section was poured on February 20, we knew it would take at least $30,000 in additional funds to pour the second section.

In faith, our crew continued construction and preparation in Haiti. And when the team was ready on March 27, the funds were committed, and God opened the door to finish this step! Within just a few weeks, God provided the additional amount needed through three donors!

Bucket, by bucket, the roof was poured.

Yes, we are building a hospital, but what we are really doing is creating a place to transform lives into His image through healthcare. Standing on the roof and looking at the building you can’t help but think of the life-saving surgeries that will be completed, the babies that will be born, and the Word of Life that will be given to all of those in desperate need of Hope!

As we finish this step, there are still many others to complete, including stucco, painting, electrical, and tile/flooring. Additional dollars are needed for these steps of the project, but we know that God is in this, He has a plan for the funds to arrive, and we trust this will be completed. Please be praying as we continue down this path that God has laid in front of us!


Photos courtesy Elaine Wall and Rocklane CC (IN) team.