Youvika: Then & Now

If you’ve been to Peredo during the school year, it’s likely you’ve met Youvika. She attends Emmanuel Christian School and sometimes hangs out around campus in the afternoons once school lets out. She loves to get to know the Americans. Every Child Sponsors make her education possible.

Youvika moved to Peredo in the summer of 2012 when she was 6 years old. Now, in 2017, she is 10 years old and in the 5th grade. In a community where kids sometimes move away, we’ve had the joy of watching her grow up over the past 5 years.

When Youvika moved to Peredo, it was her first chance to go to school. At that time, she loved math and Creole class. Math is still her favorite subject today. Back in 2012, she told us she loved Jesus because “he does a lot of miracles.” Today, she still loves Jesus and also likes hearing the story of Noah. Now in the 4th grade, her teacher says she is a very good student. When she grows up, she might like to become a pediatrician so that she can take care of kids. Living near Peredo Community Hospital, she has the good example of Dr. Gay and the other staff, like Dr. Jackie and Nurse Elvinia.

Youvika still lives with her parents, although her siblings have increased from two to five. When the family arrived in Peredo, her dad didn’t have a job, so mom was supporting the family selling lamp oil in the market. Now, her dad is a tailor. She and her siblings still help around the house. Youvika likes to help with the dishes. And when she has free time, she hangs out around campus and plays games with her friend Abigail.

You can help Youvika and students like her by becoming an Every Child Sponsor!

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Below is Youvika with her classmates in 2012, and in 2016 making friends with Katie.

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Gloria Tomlinson

May 5, 2017

I will definitely share this with my Jr. Worship kids this Sunday!