Rejoice in the Seeds Planted

Several weeks ago we shared some very exciting news about the relaunch of Emmanuel Christian Church of Port-au-Prince in Delmas 24. This is where RoRo and Eline began the ministry of Haitian Christian Outreach in 1985. After recently worshipping with the church and spending time with Pastor Evenel, RoRo shared the following update.

“Emmanuel Christian in Port-au-Prince is doing very well since we reopened it [in] May. Pastor Evenel and the Elders are doing a fantastic job. Some of the past members are coming back. This week 7 people are being baptized and 6 new people have placed their membership at Emmanuel. We just finished, this Friday, a 7-day fasting and prayer meetings. The leaders and Pastor Evenel are doing a lot of preparations for an upcoming 8-day revival. We covet your prayers for that week so that many people might come to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.”


RoRo also wanted to share this video from Sunday mornings worship service. We are so grateful God continues to use Pastor Evenel and his wife Joanne to reach their community! Like any church, we don’t always get to see the fruits of our labor but we rejoice in the seeds that are being planted, the decisions for Christ that are being made, and the doors that are being opened to preach the Gospel at Emmanuel Christian Church.

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Carol Remngton

August 7, 2019

Praise the Lord that Emmanuel Christian Church is up and running again. I know, RoRo, that you and Eline must be really elated at this recent development. We at Parkview are praying for all involved in the ministry and that many souls will be added to the church during the upcoming revival. God less you all….


August 8, 2019

Thank you, Carol, for your encouragement and commitment to prayer! Prayer changes everything!

lydia Stout

August 7, 2019

Beautiful and wonderful. Praise God