Empowering through Education in Haiti

Down a long side street in the middle of a densely urban area near the largest slum in the Western hemisphere sits the Emmanuel Christian School of Drouillard. Having relocated to this piece of property a few years ago, the school meets partially in the tin roof-covered, open-air building that hosts the church on Sunday morning and a temporary smaller building that runs along the property wall. The school has PreK through 9th grade and has just over 100 students as a part of the student body.

Urban poor is the best way to describe this area of Port-au-Prince known as Drouillard. The teachers are very dedicated and the children strive to grow both academically and spiritually. Pastor Matthew, a bi-vocational lawyer and pastor, oversees the entire endeavor with a true desire to see the students and community transformed into the image of God.

Wisnel Jean has been a 5thand 6thgrade teacher at the school for 4 years and grew up in the area. On a recent visit to Drouillard, he shared with us how he taught math, social sciences, and Creole to his students that day. His students also named those same subjects as some of their favorites. Wisnel said he teaches because the challenges of teaching help him grow and allow him more experiences. Working in an urban poor area he has seen many challenges, saying the hardest thing about teaching is when students are not able to buy all the materials needed to come prepared for class.

It’s challenges like these that make our Child Sponsorship program so important. Education opens doors of opportunity for children. It empowers them to dream, to grow, and helps children build confidence. By being a child sponsor, you are helping to educate a child. You’re also helping teachers like Wisnel overcome challenges.

You can sign up to be a sponsor today.  Visit our website to learn more about our Child Sponsorship program and watch this video to see some of the students and schools impacted by HCO Child Sponsorships.

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Carol Remington

July 11, 2019

I am a retired elementary teacher from Ohio, so have a special place in my heart for young people. I love to watch them thirst for knowledge, and there is no better place to receive a great education than in a Christian school. God bless you all. I have seen and visited the school in Peredo at the campsite, but not when it was in session. It is my pleasure to be able to support several children in their education. God bless you all. I know RoRo and Eline personally.