Living My Dream – Haitian Educator

Sergot Bonhomme describes his life in the small village of Kapotyer, Haiti as “living my dream.” Sergot teaches 5thgrade at Emmanuel Christian School in Kapotyer where he has served for three years. He teaches multiple subjects including Math, French, Physics, and Creole and loves it! When Sergot was a student himself, he knew he wanted to be an educator. “I knew I wanted to educate more children when I grew up. I am living my dream and teaching many 5th grade students.”

Emmanuel Christian School of Kapotyer was established in 2009 and has grown to nearly 200 students and 20 staff over the past 12 years. The school educates preschool through 9th grade students offering the mandatory state education as well as Bible classes.

The 2020/2021 school year was a very difficult year due to civil unrest and the pandemic. For Sergot, the hardest part of the pandemic was not being able to attend school. “It was difficult to have the school closed even when COVID-19 was not present in our community.” Through these many challenges, we are grateful our students and teachers persevered with faith!

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