Meet Haitian Nurse Michaëlle: Helping Others Find Good Health

Peredo Community Hospital has been a source of hope, healing, and comfort for almost ten years in the southern region of Haiti. Many people travel for hours to come to PCH. While it is true PCH has equipment and services that many other hospitals or clinics do not have, people come because of the compassionate and quality care they receive. This is only made possible through the wonderful staff of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, and administrators at PCH.

Summer Intern, Nazara Stoner, who is studying nursing at Muskingum University, recently has the opportunity to sit down with many of the staff at PCH including Nurse Michaëlle Thomas to talk about what it’s like working at PCH and how the hospital is making a difference in the community.

Nazara: How long have you been working at Peredo Community Hospital?

Nurse Michaëlle: I have worked at the hospital for 14 months.

Nazara: How did you hear about PCH and why did you choose to work at this hospital?

Nurse Michaëlle: I heard people all over the southern department of Haiti, and in Jacmel, talking about how good the treatment and services are, so I choose to continue to work at Peredo Community Hospital because of how wonderful the services are.

Nazara: What are the greatest challenges you face as a nurse in the Peredo community?

Nurse Michaëlle: As a nurse, I face many challenges, but the biggest one is when a pregnant woman comes to the hospital. Often times, they come from Jacmel, passing three to five different hospitals just to come to Peredo Community Hospital. This is often a challenge because of how far they are traveling, and it can be bad for their health.

Nazara: How is your work at the hospital changing the lives of patients?

Nurse Michaëlle: The greatest thing about being a nurse at PCH is when you see patients leave the hospital in good health. A lot of times, they go out and testify about how good their services are, and then come back and thank the staff for changing their lives and helping them find good health.

Peredo Community Hospital is changing lives through health care! We praise God for allowing Haitian Christian Outreach to serve in this way and bring the Good News of Jesus by helping others find good health.

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Carol Remington

June 23, 2021

I thank God for PCH and the impact the staff is having in southern Haiti. I thank God for directing his people to step out on faith building such a facility.