Pray With Us – June 2019

We will give thanks to the LORD because of His righteousness; we will sing praises of the name of the LORD Most High. (Ps. 7:17)

Praise God for the relaunch of Emmanuel Christian Church of Port-au-Prince! We thank God for his faithfulness through some difficult days for this church that has finally resulted in 87 people gathering to worship and praise the Lord on its first Sunday meeting in nearly 2 years!

Praise God for Trine University (IN) and Monticello CC (IL) for their service in May! We appreciate the men and women who came to invest in Haiti and propel ministry projects forward!

Praise God for our child sponsorship team! Larissa, our Child Sponsorship Coordinator, some of our HCO team, and others visited all of our sponsored children in the past few weeks to gather annual updates and encourage our students.

Praise God for continued surgeries by our Haitian surgical team! One case in particular was a huge praise because doctors were able to perform a hysterectomy after detecting uterine cancer in a patient. We are so grateful to God and to everyone who has made this ministry possible!

Praise God for increased patient numbers at Peredo Community Hospital! Since the opening of the Surgical Center, more people who need health and healing have been coming for treatment!

Praise God for construction progress on Emmanuel Christian Church of Belle Anse! RoRo was able to take the Vision Team to see the stuccoed walls and overall progress of the church building!

Praise God for our Summer Interns and Summer Teams! We are so grateful for everyone who is willing to sacrifice time and comfort to serve with us, love our Haitian friends, help with many ministry projects, and encourage our Haitian staff. Your partnerships mean so much!

Let approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)

Continue to pray for our Summer Teams. These teams are serving with us this summer: Converse CC (IN), Millersburg CC (OH), Venture CC (IN), an open Surgery Team, 2|42 Community Church (MI), and a medical team from Springfield (IL). Pray for their preparations and pray for them as they grow in their faith, sharing God’s love with others. We look forward to all God will do through these teams and in the places they serve.

Pray for our Summer Interns: Logan, Jorja, and Rebecca. May they keep their hearts focused on Jesus as they love and serve others this summer. And may God use them in an amazing way to transform their own lives and others’ lives to be more like Him.

Pray as for Cameron and Jennifer Mayhill as they transition to new ministry. Cameron shared with RoRo, Eline, and the Board that God is calling them to a new season. We and many others are thankful for them. We are sad to see them go, but we are 100% behind them. It is God’s time, and we fully support that. They are continuing to serve until the details of their new ministry are finalized, and they are helping us as we transition to a new US Director. Please pray for the Mayhills and HCO through this transition time!

Pray for our church members as they continue to follow Jesus. May they be transformed by the renewing of their minds so they can become more like Jesus! And may they be eager to share their faith with others!

Pray for our students and teachers as they finish another school year this month. May the Word of God and all they’ve learned this year take root in their lives!

Continue to pray for the Haitian people, spiritually, politically and economically. Please join us in praying for peace and wise resolutions to the many issues they are facing. May the people find true hope and provision through a relationship with Jesus Christ! And may those in powerful positions lead in such a way that brings lasting positive change to the people and country we all love so much.

And pray with us for Every Child this month:

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Melessa LEE

June 6, 2019

Thank you. A few of us are interested in coming to visit Haiti in December . Is it possible that we can meet with you and see the work you do?


July 1, 2019

Hi, Meleesa,

Thanks for your comment and interest! Please email us at [email protected] to talk about the possibilities of visiting our work. You can also learn more about our trips to Haiti on our website:

Thank you!