Light on Top of a Hill

Emmanuel Christian School in Kapotyer, Haiti is a beacon of light on top of a hill (literally). The school sits upon the side of a mountain where you can walk a short distance to see a waterfall and watch the local women washing their clothes. Around 150 students from preschool to 6th grade make up the energetic student body. When asked what they would like to be when they grow up, we hear responses such as a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, a carpenter, a pastor, and even the President. The children work hard and love their school. They love going to school because they understand the importance of education in Haiti.

Emmanuel Christian School is also made up of very dedicated teaching staff, most of which have been serving the school for over 10 years. Yosamène is from the Kapotyer community and teaches preschool which she has been doing for 7 years. She says she loves “helping children” and has most recently been working with her class on reading skills. There’s one student, in particular, she has especially enjoyed watching learn and grow throughout these past 7 years, her daughter, Manshelsea Leïssa. Manshelsea Leïssa is a very bright student who will be finishing the 6th grade this month. She lists her mom as her favorite person and her teachers as her favorite part of the school. She also wants to be a nurse when she grows up to “help take care of sick people.”

Manshelsea Leïssa’s education is possible because she has a sponsor.  HCO is currently looking for its next 100 sponsors.  Your monthly gift of $20 connects you to a specific student. You can choose the gender and grade of your child when you become a sponsor. If you’d like to join us sign up to be a sponsor today!


Emmanuel Christian School provides education and spiritual training for its students as well as a meaningful career for its teachers and staff. Despite the hardships that come with being a teacher and a student in Haiti, Emmanuel Christian School continues to shine bright and make a difference in the Kapotyer community.