Students Celebrate Flag Day

Students and teachers at Emmanuel Christian Schools are making preparations for the upcoming celebration of Flag Day on Thursday, May 18. Everyone will dress up for this special holiday that includes many parades in each town and village. In Port-au-Prince, a big celebration will be held.

Each school shows their school pride by creating and performing their own marching routines. Students practice a lot so they will do well in the marching competitions. They want to represent their country and their school well. Many students wear or carry a flag during the whole week of Flag Day. It’s a day of national pride and celebration, similar to the U.S. Fourth of July. 

The Haitian flag is an important symbol to the people. Over the years, it has changed depending on the ruling leaders, but the current flag – with two horizontal bands, blue on top and red on the bottom – was first used in 1806. The coat of arms of the Republic is in the center with a palm tree and phrase: Unity is Strength.

Recently, we enjoyed watching students in Kapotyer practice their routines!