Why I’m a Child Sponsor

A Child Sponsor plays a vital role in the life of their sponsored child. Through sponsorship a child has access to quality education, spiritual training, nutrition, and healthcare. Through sponsorship a sponsor directly impacts the life of a child and their family. Hear from Lydia, one of HCO’s child sponsors as she explains why she chose to become a child sponsor.

“When I was contacted about telling why I sponsor an HCO child, my first thought was “No one will care why I do this.” Then immediately I thought “But if one person starts to sponsor one child because of what I share it will be so worth it.”

Roughly 24 years ago I was on a cruise that stopped in Haiti. The poverty I saw stayed with me. The contrast between their living conditions and mine made me ashamed. Fast forward about 20 years. I was eating at a steak house restaurant and reading my mail. One of the pieces of mail was from HCO about sponsorship and at about the same time the bill for my lunch came. I realized that my one meal could sponsor a child for an entire month. I contacted HCO immediately indicating my interest.

I’ve never had one minute that I’ve been sorry that I decided to become a sponsor. To know that the small amount I send is helping to send Loudmia, Emmanuella, and Magi Zacharie to school, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow, not only in “book learning”, but more importantly in our Lord’s word and love is a wonderful feeling. When I get the updates on “my kids” (that’s how I think of them), seeing how much they have grown since the last update, getting to see their beautiful smiles, reading about what they enjoy, hearing about their favorite school subject and what they aspire to become is like I’m hearing from a grandchild. I really can’t express how deep my feelings are for these three that I have never met.

I am so thankful that I am able to help these children in a locale that needs so much. I’ve never regretted committing to sponsorship. Trying to express what I get from this is very difficult to put into words. It’s an honor to help. They ask for so little and appreciate it so much. It’s a reality that some of the children that are now being taught in the HCO schools will be future leaders in Haiti. What a blessing for the people to have leaders who love the Lord and to know that I might have played a small part in getting that accomplished is so humbling and a blessing.”

HCO invites you to join our wonderful sponsors in doing something for Haiti that will last. Our Child Sponsorship Program helps make education possible for nearly 2,000 children in our six Emmanuel Christian Schools. A sponsor has the opportunity to help alleviate some of the financial burden on families through sponsoring a child. For more information on child sponsorship watch our Child Sponsorship Video and visit our website.

If you have further questions or would like assistance with becoming a child sponsor, please contact, Larissa Blevins, Child Sponsorship Coordinator for Haitian Christian Outreach.