Education = Opportunity in Haiti

Emmanuel Christian School of Peredo was started in 2009 after the launch of the church and has become a hub for the ministry of Haitian Christian Outreach. Peredo is largely an agricultural community with very little commerce. With right around 200 students, the school is Pre-K through 6th grade and has a wonderful teaching staff.

Anouse has been teaching for 11 years at Emmanuel Christian School. She teaches because she loves children and wants to see them get a good education. She currently teaches second grade and enjoys teaching her students how to read. Wilnord has been teaching 5thand 6thgrade students for 4 years and says he likes working with the students. He likes teaching French, Math, and Science. Education is crucial in Haiti as it provides more opportunity and it is through teachers like Anouse and Wilnord in which seeds are planted for opportunity to grow.

Emmanuel Christian School of Peredo is located on the HCO main campus and is a vital part of the community! The campus includes community development projects, dormitories, the school and Peredo Community Hospital. Many of our students are very interested in healthcare professions because of the witness of the hospital work. Students are also interested in becoming teachers, lawyers, policemen, and pastors. Through education, these professions are a true reality for the children of Emmanuel Christian School.

Our Child Sponsorship Program helps make education possible for nearly 2,000 children in our six schools. The average income in Haiti is $4.00 a day. A sponsor has the opportunity to help alleviate some of the financial burden on families through sponsoring a child. For more information on child sponsorship visit our website.

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Carol Remington

August 29, 2019

I thank God for the teachers, students and HCO influence in Peredo. I thank God that RoRo and Eline and the HCO Board had the vision for this site. God has lead in this project from the beginning. I praise God for making this possible so that more Haitians can come to know Jesus and experience his love. I have visited the Peredo campus; the camp, hospital and schools there. It is truly a blessing for the community. I am a retired teacher, and am impressed by the determination of the students to get an education, even with so few material resources available. Any investment in this project would be well spent.